Academic Coaching Workshop: Time Management

12:00PM to 1:00PM February 16, 2018
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Academic Coaching Workshop: Time Management

Academic Coaching provides an opportunity for students to enhance their skills as a student. Academic Coaches work collaboratively with students on a specific goal such as time management, exam prep, stress management or procrastination. We help students identify and implement personal solutions to managing life as a student and are able to offer concrete learning strategies for the academic challenges they are facing.

The focus of an Academic Coaching session is on a specific goal and the best results come when a student is willing to look openly at their strengths and challenges and come prepared to make changes to the way they do things.

In this workshop we aim to provide tips on how to manage your time effectively for a more healthy balance.

This workshop is delivered via Blackboard Collaborate. To register for this workshop, and other Academic Coaching workshops, visit the calendar.