Beyond the Hype

8:00AM to 6:00PM November 7, 2014
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Learning and Innovation Centre
RRU Staff

Beyond the Hype is back for 2014 and you’re invited to Join the Story!

This year BTH6 celebrates the power of storytelling. Whether we’re talking one on one, presenting to a conference, shooting a video or writing a proposal, the heart of our work is the story. Without a good story, nothing else will come together.

We've got a great line-up of storytellers, who will walk us through the evolution of storytelling from our earliest ancestors right through to today's high tech versions. We'll meet interesting people and places and learn about techniques, tips and strategies to help us integrate the power of story into our practice.

Beyond the Hype has earned a reputation for being the place where PR and Communications colleagues learn from each other, reconnect with top level professionals and share our hard-won experiences.

Learn more and register here.