Building Resilience & Managing Stress online workshop for students

3:30PM to 4:15PM July 26, 2018
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Online Webinar - Collaborate
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Building Resilience & Managing Stress Workshop for students ONLINE

Maintaining a healthy mindset while coping with the demands of life and studies is not always easy. This workshop will offer strategies to increase your personal resilience so you are better prepared to navigate the stress, challenges and set-backs in your personal, academic and work life.

Participants will learn skills and strategies to:

  • Respond to stress, adversity and failure in healthy and effective ways
  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Shift negative thought patterns
  • Cultivate social supports

To register or view other on-campus and online workshops, please visit our workshop calendar

Participants may join this workshop via Blackboard Collaborate

If you have any questions, please contact counselling services.