Develop learning communities online

12:00PM to 1:30PM November 19, 2013
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LIC 407
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RRU Staff

Presenters: Jo Axe and Samantha Wood 
School of Education & Technology

BCom students meet their classmates for the first time in an online bridging course called the Bridge to BCom. This course was originally designed in 2006 and has been redesigned over several iterations since then. The Bridge not only orients students to the program and the university, but also encourages the development of a face-to-face learning community, where individual differences can be celebrated and problems can be solved in an open, trusting environment.

In this session, as we discuss both the benefits and challenges of developing online bridging activities for face-to-face students, we will encourage participants to share their own experiences, and to hear what innovative and alternative activities other schools are implementing to develop learning communities.