Digital Higher Education Webinar

12:00PM to 1:00PM October 21, 2015
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Centre for Dialogue (LIC 4th Floor)
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Digital Higher Education Webinar

Bring your lunch and join CTET STUDIO in the Centre for Dialogue (LIC 4th Floor) for a 60-minute webinar entitled Digital Higher Education: Navigating the Obstacles to Improve Quality and Productivity, October 21, 2015 at 1:00 PM. Dr. Keith Hampson draws on 17 years of experience in higher education, to present his findings about the institutional, technological and instructional factors that stand in the way of significant progress in digital education. Keith will offer examples and tactics employed by colleges and universities across the US and Canada that promise to improve the quality and productivity of digital higher education, and provide a high-level description of the general trends that are shaping the digital higher education market. Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • An overview of digital higher learning and its benefits to students and the education system;
  • The obstacles that have stood in the way of improved quality and productivity in online higher education;
  • The changing competitive environment for online higher education market in North America;
  • The most promising business models and instructional technologies for colleges and universities.

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