Experiential Learning: Overseas Residencies

12:00PM to 1:30PM October 17, 2013
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Room 407, LIC
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RRU Staff

Join Zhenyi Li from the School of Communication and Culture Oct. 17 for a FSAS Teaching Talk on Experiential Learning: Overseas Residencies.

Experiential learning refers to the process of creating meaning from on-site observation, interaction, discussion, and reflection in an educational program. It fits with RRU’s values by focusing on students’ educational needs as well as connecting them with real cases in this world. Utilizing experiential learning approaches, the School of Communication and Culture has designed and delivered specific overseas residencies for MA IIC students since 2009. The feedback from the students as well as the hosting organizations in China and India has been positive. The residency, as well as the pre- and post-residency, was designed in way that could be summarized with three essential words: interactive, contextual, and experiential, or abbreviated as I.C.E. The successful design and delivery of the Royal Roads intercultural overseas residency suggest that the model of I.C.E. could have overcome some barriers such as segmentation, ethnocentrism, and armchair criticism. In short, I would argue that internationalizing high-education is not an issue that educators need to further agree on, but a challenge that both faculty and students need to work out – experiential learning is probably one of the most productive ways for mid-career professionals as students.