The Future of Transportation

7:00PM to 9:00PM January 19, 2015
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First Metropolitan United Church, 932 Balmoral, Victoria.
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If the world is to tackle the climate crisis, finding ways to operate our transportation systems without releasing carbon emissions is imperative.

On January 19, the Victoria Chapter of the BC Sustainable Energy Association is holding a free public meeting on the Future of Transportation to examine how such a zero-carbon future could come about. The speakers Guy Dauncey and Christina Ianniciello will show examples of progress from around the world, and address the changes that can accelerate the drive towards zero-carbon transportation.

  • Norway has an incentive program that has resulted in 10% of new cars sales being electric
  • Copenhagen’s investment in bicycle infrastructure since the 1970s has resulted in 40% of trips to work and school being made by bike.
  • In Los Angeles, Geneva and Seoul, 100% electric buses are running on all-day routes.
  • In the European Union, the fuel carbon standard for new vehicles is steadily reducing carbon emissions.
  • Norway will launch the world’s first electric car ferry in 2015 on a 20’ route.
  • Some airlines are trialing biomass-derived synthetic jet fuel, including oils made from plants and algae, crop and forest product residues, fermented sugars and municipal solid waste.
  • Tesla’s Roadster 3.0 electric vehicle will have range of 400 miles (645 kilometres).
  • In cities around the world, cargo-bikes are delivering goods that would otherwise go by truck.

Guy Dauncey is a speaker, author and eco-futurist who is founder of the BC Sustainable Energy Association, co-founder of the Victoria Car Share Cooperative, and author of the award winning book The Climate Challenge: 101 Solutions to Global Warming.

Christina Ianniciello is an experienced leader in developing and implementing policies and programs that support community energy solutions and low carbon transportation. In 2014 she received the Al Cormier Excellence Award for outstanding services in the promotion of electric transportation. Her preferred modes of travel are walking and kayaking.

Henrik Johannson Creative Commons photo