The Impact of Technology on the Brain: An evening talk

7:00PM to 9:30PM February 25, 2015
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Quarterdeck, Grant Building
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Tess Wixted

Are you overwhelmed with the volume of emails you receive? Do you have trouble spending long periods of time without your screens? Have you wondered what the impact of so many hours on your computer, TV, tablet, or smart phone may have on your brain?

In this popular evening event Dr. Paul Mohapel will offer recent research about the impact of technology on the brain while examining information that challenges the assumption that technology only brings positive outcomes. Strategies to counter these impacts will be offered.

Cost: By donation to Child & Nature Alliance – Learners must register to reserve a seat

Join Dr. Mohapel for one or more of his upcoming courses: Neuroscience and Mindfulness on March 7 & 8, Brain Fitness on March 18, and The Neuroscience of Leadership on March 24.

Contact Continuing Studies at 250.391.2513 for more information and to register.