International criminal law forum

8:30AM July 18, 2013 to 10:00PM July 20, 2013
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Royal Roads University
RRU Staff

The future of criminal justice, forensic science, and alternative justice initiatives are some of the topics to be discussed at the Criminal Law Forum, a workshop on international criminal law issues to be held July 18-20 at Royal Roads University.

Royal Roads University has partnered with the International Criminal Bar, the International Criminal Defence Attorneys Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and The Hague University of Applied Science to offer the sessions on international criminal law and procedure. This year’s forum is the second one that Royal Roads University has hosted since 2006.

The sessions focus on legal issues for lawyers engaged in international criminal matters who appear tribunals and the International Criminal Court (ICC). The public is also invited to register (at the student rate of $90). Contact  

Distinguished criminal practitioners from Canada, the United States and Europe will be presenting including:

  • Art Vertlieb, president of the Law Society of BC
  • Derek Redman, Alberta provincial judge
  • Geoffrey Cowper,  lawyer and author of a BC report on the future of  criminal justice
  • Marvin Schechter, New York criminal defence attorney and expert on forensic science
  • Leo Adler, a member of Canada’s Cross Cultural Roundtable on Security and a professor at Osgoode Hall Law School.

“Holding this kind of forum contributes to understanding the unique advocacy issues at what is known as the ‘court to end impunity’ – the International Criminal Court,” said Diane Turner, a Victoria lawyer who is the coordinator of the event. “Critical examination of initiatives is essential to participate effectively in national and international justice systems.”

Events like this one are appropriate to hold in Canada because of this country’s evolving tradition of promoting peace, says Erich Schellhammer, co-program head of the Justice Studies program at Royal Roads University. “Our approach to peace is very different now. It used to be through diplomats. Now it is through peace education.”