Learning and Teaching Model Workshop Series: Enhancing Learning Through Technology

10:30AM to 12:00PM March 11, 2014
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Centre for Dialogue, LIC and online

You are invited to an exciting combination of hands-on sessions with educational technologies, demos, a visit to the media studio, and faculty members sharing how they have been using technology to enhance learning. You are encouraged to B.Y.O.D. (bring your own device), but extra laptops and tablets will be available. While this may sound great for a face-to-face session, for those attending online, don't worry! - CTET has planned it with you in mind, too! 

The session, part of CTET’s Learning and Teaching Model workshop series, will feature the following faculty storytellers:

  • Lisa Read, from the School of Education and Technologies, sharing her best practices on how to engage the students by using compelling web tools and mobile apps
  • Marie Graf, from the School of Leadership, explaining how she revolutionalized her courses by using video
  • Robert Aucoin and Robert Hanlon, from the School of the Humanitarian Studies, sharing sound pedagogical use of blogs and TED Ed

This is only the beginning! The workshop will then move to hands-on sessions with Q&A, demos and how-tos. Facilitated by faculty members and CTET staff, you will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of different educational technologies and share your experiences with using technology in your teaching. You will also leave with handy categorized lists of educational technologies!

The Learning and Teaching series has been taking an in-depth look at each of the core components of the RRU Learning and Teaching Model and illustrating how the components are represented throughout RRU's courses and programs. Come with your colleagues to "Enhancing Learning Through Technology" for an inspiring time!


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