Lunch and learn: videography for research

12:00PM to 1:00PM January 26, 2015
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LIC, Centre for Dialogue
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For those of you who may be working with video as part of your research, interested in working with video in your research, or just curious about learning something new, our esteemed and very talented Media Services colleague Dan Anthon will be leading a multi-part one hour lunch and learn series detailing some of the most important technical aspects of videography as a research tool. Our last session of four will be devoted to sharing best practices and challenges of using video in research.

All sessions will be one hour and held in the Centre for Dialogue, Learning and Innovation Centre. The format is informal and highly participatory. Attendance is open to all who are interested. Bring your lunch! Email me if you have any questions:

Session 1: Monday January 12, 2015 (12pm-1pm): A great way to start the new year! Dan Anthon will be leading us through some of the technical aspects of videography in this session we will explore the fundamentals of understanding light and provide tips to “see” light differently. This session will cover the theory of 3 point lighting as well as demonstrate different kinds of light and lighting techniques.

Session 2: Monday January 19, 2015 (12pm-1pm): In this session Dan Anthon will teach us about the important technical elements related to capturing good sound as part of videography. Sound is the most important and most difficult content to capture correctly. We will look at different types of microphones, discuss best practises with each one and examine how to look at audio signals.

Session 3: Monday January 26, 2015 (12pm-1pm): In this session Dan Anthon will guide us through some shooting and composition techniques for capturing high quality images and audio in the field.

Session 4: Monday February 2, 2015 (12pm-1pm): To wrap up this lunch and learn participants will share their experiences using videography as part of their research – both the challenges and the successes.