MBA alumnus offers free online session on the Business Model Canvas

5:30PM to 6:30PM October 2, 2017
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Aaron Alsop

You are invited to join the MBA Leading Innovation class to learn about the Business Model Canvas, a visual tool that guides you in developing a common language to innovate within your team. The Canvas enables quick innovation of existing business models as well as the creation of entirely new business models, because it focuses on quick development, collaboration, and the ability to pivot as the team test hypothesis. The session will be led by MBA alumnus, Aaron Alsop

The Business Model Canvas gained traction in the startup community, but has been quickly adopted by many of the Fortune 500 companies as a critical tool in the development of corporate strategy, new markets, and new product development.  In fact, some of these Fortune 500 companies require a fully tested Business Model Canvas before a project can gain internal funding approval.  The Canvas can also be used in service companies where you need to have a better understanding of a new customer’s business model to better support them.

The canvas is a fantastic visual tool that can be placed in your boardroom or anywhere in your office to foster quick collaboration exercises.

The session will be held in this Collaborate room. Email Amy Zidulka with any questions.

About Aaron Alsop

Aaron Alsop is a management consultant with a passion for innovation and creative problem-solving. He holds an Executive MBA from Royal Roads University where his focus was on Leading Innovation and he has worked with start-up to Fortune 500 companies.

Aaron has studied and implemented leading processes in creative problem-solving, Lean Startup, Open Space Technology, and the Business Model Canvas. He has used this knowledge in his former role as managing director of Business Model Edge, where he worked with companies to help with initial ideation, take these ideas through a Business Model Canvas, then move these business models into business cases for financial controllers or venture capital investment.

Today, Aaron is CTO and co-founder of Finaeo, a Fintech startup that recently completed a $2.25M seed funding round. He is also an associate faculty member at Royal Roads, where he teaches entrepreneurship.