Miksang Open House: Exploring the Principles of Miksang Photography

7:00PM to 9:00PM April 15, 2014
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Centre for Dialogue, LIC
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Tess Wixted
Pink chairs - Miksang photography

Join Michael Wood and Julie DuBose, the two principle instructors of Miksang Photography, as they talk about what makes Miksang Contemplative Photography so special. It is not just about taking photographs, it is about the experience of seeing and expressing what we see clearly and precisely through the medium of photography. In the case of Miksang, it means to see our world in a fresh way, as though every moment is the only moment there is, and everything we see is as if for the first time. We can bring our eye, mind, and heart together to see and experience our world so that it is fresh experience, not just the current version of what we have always seen.

Cost: No charge – Learners must register to reserve a seat. Click here or contact Continuing Studies at 250.391.2513 to register.

Photo credit: Julie DuBose, Miksang instructor