Moodle Features & Tools

9:30AM to 4:00PM February 26, 2014
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Location confirmed on Feb. 24 to registrants
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Tami Saj

Want to gain hands-on experience with Moodle's features and tools? Eager to update your course site in Moodle with an instructional designer or e-learning technician nearby?  Or maybe you want to learn how to edit moodle resources and activities?

The face-to-face Moodle Features & Tools workshop is for you!

Facilitated by instructional designers and e-learning technicians in a campus computer lab, CTET is offering this as a full-day workshop free of charge to faculty and staffParticipants must commit to attending from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Please register in advance with Tami Saj (she's away Feb 17-21, and will send a meeting invite on Feb 24 to everyone who has contacted her to register).   

Prior to arriving at the session, please review Unit 1 - Basic settings and Unit 2 - Resources of Mastering Moodle and take the unit self-tests (as many times as you like). This should take you 60-90 minutes. If the two links do not work for you, please contact Computer Services to request access to Mastering Moodle, or drop by STUDIO in LIC 004 and we'll set you up!