Moodle Skills Workshop Online (MSWO), Sept. 21 - Oct. 9, 2015

9:00AM September 21, 2015
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Tami Saj

This course is offered online (asynchronously, although weekday participation is required) between Sept. 21- Oct. 9, 2015Click here to register.

Course Description:

Both novice and experienced instructors will explore the Moodle editing environment and practice creating basic elements for a course. Facilitators will guide you through a series of exercises aimed at helping you develop engaging, enjoyable, and dynamic online learning experiences. 

Through hands-on experimentation, you will learn to add Moodle resources and activities to courses.

You will: 

  • Convert files to webpages and organize them into books
  • Upload files and organize them into folders
  • Add external links to your course
  • Embed images, audio and videos
  • Add and configure forums and assignments
  • Experiment with wikis and polls
  • Create groups (or teams) of students, examine 'user' reports
  • Learn how to setup and manage grades

Experienced instructors may choose to practice setting up groups (teams) and groupings for different kinds of team projects and experiment with advanced grading schemes,  and/or investigate features and tools such as wikis, polls, collaborative glossaries, surveys, quizzes, video, RSS feeds, Moodle conditional activities and activity completion. 

Time requirement:

Approximately one hour preparation before the workshop starts. Between Sept 21 and Oct 9, you should set aside about five hours each week to devote to the course. 


Instructional Designers from RRU's Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) are all experienced educators with a variety of backgrounds that range from higher education, K-12, private sector and government.