The moral imagination: Can art bring peace? - An evening talk

7:00PM to 9:00PM January 22, 2015
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Centre for Dialogue, Learning and Innovation Centre
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Tess Wixted

Arts-based initiatives, including theatre, are increasingly being used as part of peacebuilding strategies at different stages in the cycle of violence in war-torn societies. Join Laurel Borisenko for this evening talk, The Moral Imagination: Can Art Bring Peace?, and learn under what conditions theatre can contribute to peacebuilding in communities that have undergone violent conflict. We’ll explore the impact of these initiatives on post-conflict reconstruction, trauma healing and reconciliation, how they can aid in ending the cycle of violence, and creating a cycle of healing.

Cost: By donation to The Power of Hope – Learners must register to reserve a seat.

Learn more at The Moral Imagination: Arts-Based Strategies for Peace-Building, Laurel's one day course on January 31.

Contact Continuing Studies at 250.391.2513 for more information and to register.