Operation Renaissance – the Philippines and Typhoon Haiyan

6:00PM to 7:30PM April 1, 2014
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Centre for Dialogue, LIC
RRU Staff

Royal Roads is pleased to invite you a presentation to learn more about the roles, experiences and accomplishments of Operation Renaissance following a typhoon in the Philippines in November 2013. Lt.-Cmdr. Brad Eason, task force surgeon, Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) with the Department of National Defence will lead the presentation.

By the end of the mission, Task Force Philippines had:

  • purified nearly 500,000 litres of water for distribution;
  • treated 6,525 medical patients;
  • conducted 184 CH-146 Griffon sorties (totalling 357 flying hours) and transported 828 passengers;
  • delivered approximately 230,485 pounds of food and 10,325 pounds of shelter and building materials on behalf of non-governmental organizations;
  • delivered approximately 59,536 pounds of humanitarian assistance goods on behalf of local authorities;
  • cleared 131 kilometres of roads;
  • conducted 14 different construction projects; and
  • repaired eight generators.

Lieutenant Commander Brad Eason

Brad Eason is a Canadian Forces medical officer. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1993 through its Regular Officer Training Plan. Eason obtained degrees in physiotherapy from Queen's University and Doctor of Medicine from the University of Ottawa. During his 20 years of military service, Eason has been deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Afghanistan as well as to Petawawa Ontario and Medicine Hat, Alberta. He has also been a commander with the Canadian Special Operations Forces.

Most recently, Eason was the task force surgeon for Operation Renaissance. Operation Renaissance13-1 is the Canadian Armed Forces involvement in humanitarian efforts to help the people of the Philippines.

Photo credit: Canadian Armed Forces

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