The Rising Tide of Green Technology in International Trade

5:30PM to 8:00PM May 28, 2014
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Centre for Dialogue, LIC
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RRU Staff

Royal Roads University is hosting a GreenTech Exchange panel called The Rising Tide of Green Technology in International Trade: Current Opportunities and Future Directions.

In a world that is facing environmental challenges and growing energy demands, responsible development is required for a green and sustainable economy. The focus on global innovation and thriving international trade of a wide range of technology products, services and solutions reflect the burgeoning greentech market. The Pacific Northwest region of North America has a great tradition of responding to market demands effectively and enjoys a valued position in global commerce. At the May 28th Vancouver Island GTEx Forum, a panel of insightful observers and domain experts will discuss current opportunities and future directions.

Learn more about the event and the panelists, and register here.