Roads to Research: DocSoSci student presentations

12:00PM to 1:00PM March 11, 2015
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LIC 407 (Centre for Dialogue)
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Roads to Research: Doc Social Science presentations on Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Roads to Research: Doctor of Social Science presentations on Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Graeme Mitchell 
'Bound': Bridging the Divide Between Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice in Secondary Education
There is now a considerable body of research that shows that post-secondary interdisciplinary instruction offers distinct educational benefits over traditional subject-specific approaches.  Yet, as B.C.’s Ministry of Education begins to promote more interdisciplinary styles of learning, two unaddressed questions loom large: firstly, does interdisciplinary instruction at the high school level foster the development of core competencies more effectively than traditional methods?; secondly, how do educators adequately assess the cross-curricular work? The purpose of this proposed study is to assess efficacy of the interdisciplinary Institute for Global Solutions program which runs at Claremont Secondary School in School District #63. The study proposes a mixed-method approach.  The first phase will use an adapted version of the Knowledge Building Analytic Framework (KBAF) survey to assess the effectiveness of the IGS delivery model and a control group in terms of their ability to develop 21st Century core competencies.  The final stage of the research aims to examine the long-term impact of the IGS program on graduating students.  The goal is to determine whether, and to what degree, the IGS program affected the participants’ educational/career choices after graduation.  A framework based on the theories of common ground and pragmatic constructivism will be used to inform program evaluation and assessment based on the data collected

Janna Wentzell
Examination of the Role Physical Activity and Exercise Play in the Prevention of Burden and Burnout Amongst Formal and Informal Caregivers
As the average age of the population of Canada, as well as other countries around the world is rising, new ways of facilitating the health care needs of older adults must be explored. Globally there is a shift from healthcare being provided in hospitals and nursing homes, towards home care. In 2009, 25% of people aged 65 or older (just over 1 million Canadians) reported that they had received formal and/or informal homecare in the previous year. Formal caregivers are defined as those that provide paid care as part of their profession and are differentiated from informal caregivers who are the family and/or friends that provide unpaid care. The quality of care and support that caregivers provide affects health outcomes for the care recipient and their ultimate need for institutionalization. Recognizing that caregivers can be negatively affected by symptoms of burnout and burden and understanding the positive effect exercise has been shown on depression; the goal of the research is to understand how physical activity and exercise might mitigate the prevalence of burnout and the expression of burden in caregivers.

Nancy Paris

Kathy Lokhorst
From Physics to Where? Increasing Access for Women to Engineering Education
Engineering in Canada is predominantly a white male profession. While business professionals recognize that diversity increases market share, employee satisfaction and productivity, and financial viability, and while engineering is becoming increasingly racially diverse through immigration, women continue to perceive barriers to entry into the physical engineering professions. This is not a recent phenomenon but is firmly rooted in Western Society’s strongly-held beliefs about gendered careers despite four waves of feminism. Interestingly, young women and young men now equally participate in high school physics classes. This research proposal focuses on high school physics students in British Columbia and their transition from high school to post-secondary education.

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