Roads to Research with Dr. Brian White

12:00PM to 1:00PM November 23, 2016
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Centre for Dialogue, 4th floor LIC
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Roads to Research with Dr. Brian White

Please join us Wednesday, Nov. 23 at noon in the Centre for Dialogue for Dr. Brian White’s presentation: Anthropogenic Change on the Summit of South East Asia: A 2016 expedition to Mt. Fansipan, Vietnam

Abstract: The Huang Lien Mountain Range in Northern Vietnam includes high altitude temperate cloud forests possessing remarkable beauty and biodiversity. Dr. Brian White has conducted five research expeditions on Mount Fan Si Phan in Huang Lien National Park with his RRU graduate students and in cooperation with UBC Botanical Gardens. This PowerPoint presentation will summarize observations and action research over twelve years and six visits to this ecological wonderland, and detail the significant changes and impacts which have occurred in the landscape of the park.

*Coffee & Cookies will be provided*