Roads to Research with Dr. Geoff Bird: War Memories across Canada – Sites of the Second World War

12:00PM to 1:00PM September 21, 2016
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Grant Quarterdeck
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Dr. Geoff Bird

Please join us Wednesday, September 21st at Noon in the Quarterdeck (Grant) for Dr. Geoff Bird’s presentation: War Memories across Canada – Sites of the Second World War

Funded by Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada and Royal Roads University, the two-part documentary series comprises 27 short stories exploring sites of memory across the country linked with the First and Second World Wars. This second sneak preview, focusing on the Second World War, will highlight different stories than what was shown in June. Geoff Bird, who directed and produced the series, will be in attendance to answer questions.

These stories explore sites of memory that offer insight into our nation’s past. They connect and engage us in a new way, looking at the wars not from the perspective of battlefields overseas but from places in Canada that were shaped by the war. The history is recounted by ‘guardians of remembrance,’ historians, guides and storytellers who offer insight into what happened and why. The documentary provides a gateway to new insights into this heritage as well as an opportunity to commemorate this shared national experience.