Roads to Research with Eugene Thomlinson: "The Five-O Effect:Influencing Destination Image through Film"

12:00PM to 1:00PM May 3, 2017
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Centre for Dialogue, 4th floor LIC
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The Five-O Effect: Influencing Destination Image through Film

Wednesday, May 3 in the Centre for Dialogue, 4th Floor LIC

Noon – 1 p.m.

Ever wonder about the impact of movies and TV on destinations? Popular media has long been a great vehicle for showcasing the wonders of the world and creating anticipation. Today, television, cinema and the internet give people a glimpse of new locations and generate interest in visiting these places. Similar to product placements, these “location placements” create impressions of destinations and, in the absence of personal experiences, provide pseudo experiences and memories for viewers. Using Hawaii Five-O as an example, we’ll explore the different ways that the screen can affect your feelings about locations.

 **Coffee & Cookies will be served.**