Roads to Research with Niels Agger-Gupta

12:00PM to 1:00PM June 26, 2019
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Centre for Dialogue, Learning and Innovation Centre
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Please join Dr. Niels Agger-Gupta for his Roads to Research presentation titled Dialogue, Learning, & Change: Connections and Opportunities.

How has the World Café (WC) approach to group learning through dialogue become part of social science and action-oriented research as a method? Developed in the mid-1990s as a group engagement technique, and popularized by Juanita Brown and David Isaacs in their very successful book (2005), WC has, in just over the last decade, become established as a legitimate approach to social inquiry. This is partly as a result of graduate theses and dissertations, here at Royal Roads and at other universities internationally, and through journal articles in a variety of sectors that have used WC in research projects. My co-authors and I engaged in an online WC with participants who worked with WC in research contexts around the world. We then followed up with additional dialogues on different aspects of the use of WC as a research method into collective meaning-making and generating knowledge.

The highlight of my recent Research & Scholarship Leave was an invitation to Gothenburg, Sweden, at the beginning of March to participate in the Action Research+ Transformations Gathering at Chalmers University. Convened by action research expert, Hilary Bradbury and the executive director of the SDG Transformations Group, Steve Waddell, I hosted a World Café with the Gathering, which led to new collective insights and directions. It was in this last focus that an invitation emerged for other Royal Roads colleagues interested in connecting with others engaged in applied research.

This Roads to Research session will cover some of the territory of our work in identifying how WC is used as a research method and will share just a few connections to action-oriented researchers in other parts of the world. Lastly, I would like to use this dialogic approach of the WC, modified for our available time into a Liberating Structure 1-4-All, as a mini-inquiry into how international collaborations (including the AR+Transformations initiatives) might be useful for the Scholar-Practitioners at Royal Roads.

Please feel free to bring your lunch. Cookies & coffee/tea/water will be provided.

Research Services gratefully acknowledges the funding support of the Research Support Fund (RSF) in the development of this initiative. The RSF is administered by the Tri-Agency Institutional Programs Secretariat.