Roads to Research Presents: Dr. Juana Du

12:30PM to 1:30PM September 24, 2014
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Centre for Dialogue (LIC 407)
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Dr. Juana Du presents “Innovative performance of MNE subsidiaries in China: Local learning and inter-organizational trust” at RRU’s Roads to Research in the Centre for Dialogue (LIC407) on Wednesday, September 24th from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.

Please plan to attend and bring your lunch!


Why are some innovation projects of multinational enterprise subsidiaries more successful than others in an emerging economy? What are those factors impacting innovative performance of subsidiaries in Chinese business culture? What are the managerial implications for multinational enterprise subsidiaries? This presentation will provide answers from a cross-cultural and communication perspective, by sharing first-hand data and research findings, based on a research project conducted by Dr. Juana Du over the last couple of years.

Using data from a survey of 306 MNE subsidiary managers in three tier-1 locations in China, the research verifies the important role of local learning and inter-organizational trust in innovative performance of multinational subsidiaries, and identifies the strongest interaction effect between trust and local learning in Beijing. In-depth interviews with managers from 44 multinational subsidiaries further explain the important role of inter-organizational trust in Chinese business culture, and the casual mechanism by which inter-organizational trust interacts with both locations and the nature of the innovative activity performed in the subsidiary.

Dr. Juana Du will also share her research experiences in multinational enterprise subsidiaries in this presentation, and welcome discussions on those topics.