Roads to Research: Team-based Learning at RRU

12:00PM to 1:00PM May 15, 2019
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Centre for Dialogue, Learning and Innovation Centre
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Roads to Research sessions are filmed. If you recently missed a presentation, check the RRU Roads to Research YouTube channel.

Team Based Learning: Royal Roads University

  • with Trish Dyck, Kathleen Manion, Sophia Palahicky, Nooreen Shah-Preusser, Susan Thackeray
  • May 15 from noon to 1 p.m.
  • LIC - Centre for Dialogue
  • Cookies & coffee will be provided

Teamwork is an integral element of the Learning, Teaching and Research Model at Royal Roads University. Wanting to know more about the effectiveness of our approach and how to improve it, we asked the Royal Roads community to participate in a research project to share their knowledge and expertise. This session is an opportunity to share what we learned in this research and provide space to further build your practice with teamwork wherever you work within the university.

Teamwork is a critical skill needed in modern, fast paced, diverse setting where actors are tackling complex social, environmental and economic issues. We need to continue to ensure we provide students with the skills to get the most out of this approach. Teamwork can support reciprocal learning experiences between students, who share their knowledge, experience, passion and ideas with one another, but it can also cause friction. These research findings highlighted that the ‘secret sauce’ to impactful team-based learning is ensuring we have intelligent team-based learning design built into programs at appropriate times, drawing on effective support and resources for students to maximize effective team processes.

During this session, the facilitators will summarize the findings before inviting the participants to engage in an interactive process designed to maximize their team-based learning processes.

Read the project's final report.

Research Services gratefully acknowledges the funding support of the Research Support Fund (RSF) in the development of this initiative. The RSF is administered by the Tri-Agency Institutional Programs Secretariat.