SCC Research Talk: Participatory storytelling practice: We’ve raised their voice, is anyone listening?

12:30PM to 1:00PM June 9, 2017
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LIC 224

Participatory visual storytelling is an often-used Communication for Development approach that promotes a group making a film or photo story as a means to raise awareness, empower individuals and groups, amplify unheard voices, socially and politically mobilize citizens and accelerate social change. Too often in practice, however, the story itself becomes the focus rather processes aimed at tackling the deep-rooted systemic injustices marginalized groups often face. This talk, by Tamara Plush, Royal Roads Postdoctoral Fellow at the ResiliencebyDesign Innovation Research Lab, will challenge people interested in using participatory storytelling approaches to look beyond a story’s telling to actions that can deepen citizen engagement, foster active listening, and lead to meaningful response. It will highlight the UNICEF “Youth Voices from the Frontline” project that aims to strengthen young people’s climate change and disaster knowledge, build their confidence, and foster opportunities for them to take social and political action on topics of concern.