SES Seminar: Plymouth – a Civic University as a Driver of Place-Based Social Learning for Sustainability

1:00PM to 2:00PM June 24, 2019
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Centre for Dialogue, LIC 4th floor

Dr. Alun Morgan is a lecturer in the Plymouth Institute of Education at the University of Plymouth in the UK. His work focuses on place-based education in the context of environmental, outdoor and sustainability education.

The University of Plymouth in the South West of England, UK, has a long standing engagement with, and international reputation in, Education for Sustainability (EFS). A particular emphasis is now being placed on the university's role as a "civic university".

This seminar will outline some of the historic and current EFS-related activity including the following:

  • the Centre for Sustainable Futures and its legacy; 
  • the large-scale Natural Connections Demonstration Project;
  • service learning, place-based education and outdoor learning initiatives;
  • cross-faculty working; and
  • local and international collaborations.

Marine citizen science and ocean literacy are exciting recent focuses and are connected to the city's proposal to create the UK's first national urban marine park.