Teaching and Learning in an Intercultural Classroom

9:00AM to 4:00PM January 26, 2016
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Tami Saj
Teaching and Learning in an Intercultural Classroom

Is your classroom becoming more culturally diverse with students from different countries? Are you teaching overseas or facilitating student team work in an intercultural setting? This one-day workshop will introduce you to the basics of intercultural communication, invite you to examine your teaching practices, and enhance your intercultural competence to better respond to students’ needs. You will be equipped with both theories and practical tools to design and implement an intercultural class.

Topics include:

  •          Intercultural communication foundation for education
  •          Cultural adaption and its impact on teaching and learning
  •          Culturally inclusive strategies for lectures, interactive activities and team learning

The learning outcomes include:

  •        Become aware of the cultural differences and how they may impact teaching and learning
  •        Identify strategies that work and don’t work in an intercultural classroom
  •        Design and implement intercultural strategies in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment

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