Teaching with Blackboard Collaborate - Session 1 of 2 (2nd session: Mar 11)

1:30PM to 3:00PM March 4, 2015
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Tami Saj

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Please note that this is a two-session online workshop: Session 1 is March 4, 1:30-3pm, and Session 2 is March 11, 1:30-3pm. Participants must attend BOTH sessions. 

Want to use live debates, guest speakers or team-led Q & A in your online course? Add live discussion, encourage collaborative brainstorming, conduct office hours and incorporate interactive lectures into your blended course. Learn to create diverse learning activities and create materials that students are compelled to interact with.

Blackboard Collaborate™ is a web-conferencing system that allows all this and more. Almost any traditional classroom activity can be adapted for use in Collaborate. It even allows teams to record and share presentations with you and other students.

Teaching with Blackboard Collaborate is broken into two 90-minute sessions. In the first session, we’ll refresh your memory and answer questions about the Collaborate tools and the moderator controls such as the whiteboard, chat box, poll, break-out rooms and how to upload PowerPoint slides. In the second session, you will try out some of your own ideas as you lead a ten-minute Collaborate lesson with the opportunity for peer feedback.

What you need:
• Headset with microphone. Recommended: one with “noise canceling” capability.
• Computer with internet connection
• Recommended: webcam (not required)

Time Requirement: Depending on your experience with Collaborate, 30 – 120 minutes are needed to fulfill the pre-requisites. In the week between the two 90-minute sessions, you’ll need 30+ minutes to prepare your ten-minute lesson.

Pre-requisite: Blackboard Collaborate Level 1Level 2 self-paced study. These pre-requisites ensure that you are comfortable as a participant and have some basic knowledge of moderator tools; they will allow you to get the most out of Teaching with Collaborate.