Toastmasters Leadership Institute

8:30AM to 4:30PM January 11, 2014
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Quarterdeck, Grant Building
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Daniel Doherty,...
A Toastmasters receives a communication and leadership development

Toastmasters Leadership Institute - open to all
Featuring former Toastmasters International President, Pat Johnson - What Leaders are Made of

Discover the dynamic learning community hosted at RRU by Royal Roads Toastmasters. This full-day learning event will get you connected to the highly respected Toastmasters education program, which will help you refine your public speaking and leadership skills.

Summary of Education Sessions (See details below):

  • What Leaders are Made of - how people develop into effective and influential leaders
  • Leadership Unlocked - 5 Keys to Being the Leader They Will Follow - increase your “Followability Factor”
  • Making Radically Better Use of Visual Aids - Everything You've Learned is Wrong - brain learning dynamics
  • Evaluating Advanced Speakers - the subtle things that can take a good advanced speaker to greatness
  • Canada's Future Leaders - Youth Leadership Programs
  • Contests Simplified - organize and conduct contests at any level
  • Myths and Membership - building club/group culture from good to great

$20 includes all sessions and lunch

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Associate faculty, School of Communication and Culture

Regular Meetings: Royal Roads Toastmasters meet Wednesdays in the Castle (6:45) 7-8:30 p.m.
Toastmasters: Where Leaders are Made



Education Sessions

Pat Johnson PIP. DTM: What Leaders are Made of.

  • Across the world today we hear the cry for leaders in all walks of life. Pat Johnson believes that leaders are developed, not born, and that leadership development comes with practice and awareness. We will discuss some of the foundational qualities that Pat believes are necessary in order for us to develop into effective and influential leaders.

Carol Carter ACG, ALB: Leadership Unlocked: 5 Keys to Being the Leader They Will Follow.

  • Carol Carter tackles the tough subject of how to get others to follow your leadership. She provides the framework and tools to find your leadership strengths and gaps. You walk away with easy steps to increase your “Followability Factor” and the method to craft your action plan to become your best, no matter what level your leadership skills are currently at.

Peter Scott CC, CL: Making Radically Better Use of Visual Aids: Everything You've Learned is Wrong

  • You will learn some radical but compelling principles about how to construct effective slides. Peter will go through the brain learning dynamics that will help you create arresting and useful visuals, applicable no matter what tool you're using. Where do you use text, when, why, and how? How do you determine the most effective images to use and when? Find out the answers to these and many more questions, plus the basics of making and displaying presentations if you're just getting started.

Karen Knight DTM: Evaluating Advanced Speakers

  • Have you ever been stumped on how to help an advanced speaker grow? Their voice is excellent; their body language appropriate; their speech is easy to follow. They’re perfect! So you give them a whitewash – and they don’t learn. This hands-on workshop will give you tips and practice on finding and pointing out the subtle things that can take a good advanced speaker to greatness.

Fred Jones ACG, ALB: Canada's Future Leaders

  • Discover and discuss what Toastmasters offers our youth, Canada's future leaders. How do Youth Leadership Pro- grams and Gavel Clubs promote leadership and self-confidence of our youth? Discover what you can do to encourage our youth to participate in these programs.

Mary Lummerding and Heather Mulcaster: Contests Simplified.

  • Learn how to organize and conduct contests at any level. Tools and ideas galore.

Jennifer Oakes ACB, ALB: Club/Group/Team Culture – Myths and Membership

  • This highly interactive and engaging workshop will leave you with ideas and an action plan on how to build club/group. While fun will be had, this workshop is “work”. We will explore what you can do to improve the experience for the membership by building club/group culture from good to great.