Webinar - Political Economy Analysis and the Deep State

9:00AM to 10:30AM January 12, 2021
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Influencing government policy is the holy grail of development cooperation; it is also the key to resolving protracted emergencies.

Seasoned practitioners have always known that the most effective way to influence policy is to play in the political space that governs policy. Herein is the problem: most humanitarian and development actors are uncomfortable or disinterested in local political contests. Those who understand the need for politically intelligent and politically relevant actions, however, are on the ascendent. They have become an influential lobby in their own right for a new approach that is broadly called Thinking and Working Politically. The primary tool to understand how to do this is called Applied Political Economy Analysis.

Political Economy Analysis is about identifying local champions and spoilers and figuring out how to build alliances with champions to better influence policy. This means using aid to make friends with influential government and civil society actors to better advocate for good policy. Within all governments are deep networks of committed, idealistic specialists and influential bureaucrats derisively termed the ‘deep state’. Thinking and Working Politically is how international actors can make this deep state work to deliver good policy which in the end is the only path to resolving recurrent development and humanitarian challenges.

Join Dr. Alexander O’Riordan, Professor Kenneth Christie and Mr. Marc Cassidy to explore Applied Political Economy Analysis: lessons on using aid and the deep state to build alliances, influence policy and make international actors more politically relevant

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