Year One Students' Projects

3:00PM February 14, 2017 to 3:00PM February 23, 2017
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LIC Main Lounge
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Year One HUMN104 Display Project

HUMN 104 (Social, Economic and Environment Sustainability) is a new course in our Year One program. As an introduction to social, economic and environmental sustainability, students from 11 different countries have been learning the main principles of sustainable development and applying them to issues in their world. One of their assignments, designed to help them show their understanding of their learning, was to create an artifact to represent these sustainable development principles. Their delightful and often imaginative creations are on display now in the LIC lounge, main floor from now until Feb. 23, 2017.  

The students would also love to hear what you think of their projects so please take the time to fill out the feedback forms you’ll find near the displays. All you need to do is rank your favorite project and let us know why. As a thank you for helping us out we will be having a draw at the end of the display period. Please remember to put your name and contact information on the form. As well, we will be picking the most popular project from your feedback and we’ll post a picture of the winning project in Crossroads.

Thank you!

Year One,
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