Black on "info-demic"

Prof. David Black spoke to CFAX 1070’s Adam Stirling about the World Health Organization’s campaign against the “info-demic” and mis-and-disinformation relating to COVID-19.

Here is an excerpt:

“I think we have sort of fallen out of love with truth. We have developed, with powerful technologies, with the echo chambers that have followed from our new social media platforms, we have created places of great psychological, emotional comfort and satisfaction, but ones where the cost of doing so is that truth is largely banished…the thing we call post-truth – it’s not about deceit, it’s not about lying, although of course that’s part of it, it is that we have become indifferent to the moral, the political, the economic, the human sort of value of evidence-based and logic-based truth. And that worries me.”

Black was interviewed on CFAX 1070.