Brian Williams controversy shows how TV news is changing

Terry Moore

NBC news anchor Brian Williams recently came under fire for misleading the public about his experiences covering the Iraq War. NBC suspended Williams as Nightly News anchor and managing editor for six months without pay. School of Communication and Culture Prof. David Black joined C-FAX host Terry Moore to discuss the issue, news anchor celebrity, "infotainment" and the changing media landscape. 

"(Williams) is to news what we might call a culture hero. The face of news culture in the United States," says Black. "What makes Williams really interesting? He is someone who is built for the multi-platform news environment. ... Williams has regularly appeared on 30 Rock, he was the only TV anchor ever to open Saturday Night Live, it's well documented that he was interested in replacing Jay Leno as host of his nighttime talk show. He has become a celebrity and a character and a personality...." 

Listen to the full interview at 5:40.