The business of generation Y

Richard Watts

School of Business Prof. Carolin Rekar Munro spoke with the Times Colonist about working with Gen Y and her new book, Managing the New Generation: A practical guide for understanding and meeting workplace expectations of Generation Y.

An excerpt from the story:

Rekar Munro said the segment is often jokingly characterized as “generation why” because they are so determined to ask questions of whatever organization they join.

“They are always asking ‘Why?’ ” said Rekar Munro in a recent telephone interview.

“‘Why do we do things this way? Why do you structure the company the way you have? Why do we have eight layers of hierarchies? Why do I need signing permission on this?’ ”

Rekar Munro said this “cascade” of questions can be frustrating, even threatening, for older generations. But what members of generation Y are really doing is solidifying their own connection to a place.

“Their greatest frustration is hearing ‘This is the way we have always done it,’ ” she said. “It tells them an organization may not be very open or flexible.”

And that attitude could be the beginning of the end for a business or organization.

“When gen-Yers find a door closes on them and their entrepreneurial spirit, that’s when they think about a move or a shift,” said Rekar Munro. “And these are not the people you want to compete with if they go and start a business across the street.”

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