Campden on finding money to study

Royal Roads Manager of Student Success Gwen Campden appeared on The Wealthy Life with Sybil Verch on CHEK TV, to advise students on how to successfully apply for bursaries and awards.

Here is an excerpt of some of her advice:

“Check the eligibility of the award and apply for it. Don't you say no. Let somebody else say no!

“And a way that you can become the competitive applicant is by addressing the criteria. That's what I see a lot of students not really doing. The student is trying to tell their story, but you really have to look at what the criteria is and what they want to hear from you.  So find the key words in the message of the award. Write an essay about those key words. Be the best applicant.”

You can watch Campden give more tips on The Wealthy Life with Sybil Verch.