Chancellor commissions carving of first totem pole at RRU

Mike Davies
Photo credit: Mike Davies Goldstream Gazette

Royal Roads Chancellor Wayne Strandlund has commissioned the carving of the university's very first totem pole - his gift to the university and community in celebration of the institution's combined 75 year anniversary. The pole is being carved by Coast Salish artist Tom Lafortune in the boathouse next to the lagoon. The cedar log he is using was one he selected from several fallen trees found on the grounds of the university.
President Allan Cahoon is also interviewed in this article and offers his thoughts on the connection between the selected log and where it's being carved.

Exerpts from the story:

“The minute that I turn onto this property, something changes,” Strandlund says solemnly. “I don’t know what it is about the place, but my mindset, my attitude, my health – it all changes. And what’s doing that? It’s the spirit of the property. And what better commemoration of that spirit than a totem pole?

“I think finding the cedar here, and carving it here, and being here by the water is significant. It’s a spiritual process, so creating the environment that is appropriate and supportive of that is important to us,” [Cahoon] says, adding he thinks it’s important to the people of the area, as well.

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