Christie on balancing human rights and safety during COVID-19

Human security expert Prof. Kenneth Christie joined CFAX 1070’s Adam Stirling to discuss the balance of civil liberties and public health and safety in the time of COVID-19. Christie took the interview from self-isolation at home after a trip to the United Kingdom.

Here is an excerpt:

“If you simply lock people down and take away what they consider human rights and civil liberties, that’s a problem, but if you don’t the disease may spread.

“I came back into Vancouver airport from London last Thursday. They handed me a sheet of information and I was asked by an officer if I had any symptoms. I think they need to get a little bit tougher. I think they need to produce something that says there are consequences to your actions, and we will consider making sure that you are abiding by the rules.  Because otherwise, people will feel free to go out, go to stores, even socialize with their friends.”

This interview aired on CFAX 1070.