Collecting memories in Colwood

Katherine Engqvist
Collecting memories in Colwood

Royal Roads Museum and Archives Specialist Jenny Seeman was featured in the Goldstream News Gazette March 22 promoting a Royal Roads initiated historical video project about the Dunsmuir family and Hatley Park. Seeman is looking to local residents to help find descendants of families who lived on the estate during the 1900 to 1930 era to share their stories, photos or documents for potential inclusion in the documentary and/or museum.

Here is an excerpt:

While RRU already has a room in its museum dedicated to the Dunsmuir family and their creation of Hatley Castle and the surrounding grounds, staff are looking to expand the collection.

“We have some really great stuff,” says Seeman. “But we realize there’s a story there that’s not really being told.”

The ultimate goal of this documentary project is to have it play in the university’s museum as a welcoming feature, so when visitors later walk around the grounds, they develop a personal connection with the land.

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For more information, contact Jenny Seeman by email or 250-391-2600 ext. 4122.

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