Comment: Pros and cons of technology

Paul Mohapel and Bill Durodie

Royal Roads associate faculty member Paul Mohapel and Prof. Bill Durodie shared insights with the Times Colonist about the impacts of technology, both positive and negative, on our world.

Mohapel writes: "Information technology usage may be making us dumber by impairing and possibly damaging our brains. From the wheel to the printing press and the International Space Station, advancing technology has allowed civilization to grow and achieve great things. But there is a dark side to technology — especially information technology. Despite obvious benefits — enhanced and instant communication with each other and vast information sharing — emerging evidence shows that usage comes with a great health cost."

Durodie writes: "Technology is neutral. How we use it depends on us. From the wheel to the plow, right through to vaccines and the silicon chip, its use has always disrupted the pattern of human life. And most of us are thankful for that, even if we have misgivings over its latest incarnations.