Female reporters disrupted during live reports

Terry Moore

School of Communication and Culture Prof. David Black was interviewed on CFAX radio about the disruption of female reporters' live broadcasts.

Black explains the practice of waving to live TV cameras and holding up signs to disrupt broadcasts has intensified during the time of internet memes.

"What has happened more recently in the last two years is a far more obscene and disturbing manifestation of this behaviour where mostly young men encountering mostly female reporters working live in the field basically troll or hijack the feed and offer a vulgarity," says Black. "These men are not only oblivous to their ethically stupid behaviour, but they are oblivous to the fact that their face is now broadcasted doing these things, and what we've seen is people losing jobs and being subject to social shaming."

Black discusses the current "visible culture" in which ever-present cameras encourage a culture of exibitionism. 

Listen to the full interview here starting at 5:45 in the podcast.