Helping Langford's turtles win the race

Katherine Engqvist

Life may be about to get a little easier for endangered turtles in the Langford lakes system, thanks to a team of BSc in Environmental Science students.

The focus of the group’s 90-page report is maintenance of the Western painted turtle population and creation and enhancement of basking and mating sites for the turtles around the lakes. Their presentation to Langford’s parks, recreation, culture and beautification committee was detailed in the Goldstream News Gazette.

Here is an excerpt:

Jane Waters, Langford park planner, urged the committee to read the report in-depth. “The turtles need all the help they can get, there’s a lot of predators.”

She was also excited about the “wealth of knowledge sitting at Royal Roads” that the city could potentially tap into, pointing out that this detailed report was free for the city and could be of great future use.

In that report, the group even recommended future projects that the city could contract out to Royal Roads students.

After the meeting Waters and committee members congratulated the group on their presentation and all of their hard work. The group was optimistic about the impact they could potentially have on future council decisions.

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