Hilton on Indigenomics

Royal Roads adjunct professor, Indigenomics Institute CEO and author Carol Anne Hilton joined host Simi Sara on CKNW’s Mornings with Simi to discuss her new book ‘Indigenomics: Taking A Seat at the Economic Table’.

Here’s some of what Hilton had to say:

“My work is facilitating the foundation of a $100-billion dollar national Indigenous economy, and… [a] focus on the metrics around that, and how we use data, and how GDP is a shortcoming in measurement itself. It doesn’t appropriately reflect Indigenous economic strengths. What the pandemic did was give me the space really to examine the metrics around the strength of the Indigenous economy beyond GDP and come to a larger understanding that we’re closer to $100 billion dollars than I thought we were.

“We need to be able to understand hot spots of where Indigenous economic activity is occurring and look at places like equity ownership, capital, entrepreneurship, trade – all those aspects – and begin to invest in support in the structure and design of those to increase further Indigenous economic inclusion and activity.”

Hear the full interview on Mornings with Simi on CKNW.