Hodson on stopping misinformation

Jaigris Hodson

College of Interdisciplinary Studies Assoc. Prof. and Canada Research Chair Jaigris Hodson shared her thoughts on how to stop the spread of information in an article for The Conversation Canada.

Here’s an excerpt:

Though we all made our New Year’s resolutions on Jan. 1, I respectfully suggest a January resolution that would, if we each committed to it, produce a large positive impact on society. This year, I resolve — and would like to encourage others to resolve — to stop the spread of misinformation at the individual level.

In 2020, misinformation was revealed to be a major issue impacting elections, world politics and our health during COVID-19. And with the arrival of a new calendar year, the problem has not gone away. In fact, with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout now picking up steam, we need to fight misinformation harder than ever before.

This story appeared in The Conversation Canada.