Homer-Dixon on Changemakers Speaker Series and new book

Complexity scientist and director of the Cascade Institute at Royal Roads, Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon, was the featured guest on The Capital Daily podcast. He and host Ben Waterworth discussed his new book, Commanding Hope: The Power We Have to Safeguard a World in Peril and his talk of the same name that is part of Royal Roads Changemakers Speaker Series.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

“The other I emphasize in the book and in my talk is that problems shouldn’t be a reason for giving up and for giving up hope in particular. In fact hope is more important than ever. Enormous problems like the pandemic and climate change and think problems are so large and we all individually seem so small, our reaction might just be to throw up our hands and walk away in despair.

“And the whole point in the book is to say not only is that not necessary, it is incredibly dangerous because as soon as we give up hope we make the worst futures much more likely because we aren’t going to work to make things better.

“I think that this pandemic and climate change are examples of common fate in humanity, where we are all in a sense in the same boat together. They remind all of us that we have to pull together to solve our problems if we are going to solve them effectively.”

Listen to the full interview on the Capital Daily podcast.