ISIS terrorists attack Libya, threaten Rome

Terry Moore

On Sunday, Islamic terrorists affiliated with the Libyan branch of ISIS released a video claiming to show the mass beheading of 22 Christians kidnapped in Libya. In response, Egypt carried out air strikes against ISIS in Libya and is pushing for international military intervention. ISIS says they are sending a message to Europe and their next attack will be on Rome.

School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Kenneth Christie joined C-FAX host Terry Moore to discuss the challenges faced in Libya and the threats in Europe.

"This is a problem that's been in the making for a long, long time especially in Europe," Christie says of the latest attack and threat. "We've seen more religious extremism, we've seen more violence against groups in Europe. And now, with Libya in turmoil, the extremists are taking advantage of it. What Libya is turning into, if we're not careful, is a failed state." 

Listen to the full interview at 36:00.