Jaigris Hodson on the wired classroom

Jaigris Hodson on the wired classroom

Office of Interdisciplinary Studies Assistant Prof. and Program Head Jaigris Hodson published an article in The Evolllution about how post-secondary educators can leverage technologies in new ways to engage adult learners.

Here’s an excerpt:

Learners and educators alike are often intimidated by—and even resistant to—the use of new technologies in a classroom setting.

To the learner, placed in a classroom where they’re learning new concepts, sitting in tests and evaluations, and having to navigate a new social environment, the addition of technology can often feel more like a burden than a blessing. For the educator, there is often fear that learning technologies will displace some aspects of teaching or make them obsolete. There is also some resistance to change, or the feeling that, “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?”

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