Nygaard-Petersen on opt-out organ donor system

School of Business doctoral student Karly Nygaard-Petersen  appeared on CFAX 1070 with Adam Stirling to discuss the potential benefits of an opt-out organ donor system for Canadians awaiting transplant.

Nygaard-Petersen and Canada Research Chair and School of Business Assoc. Prof. Ash Prasad recently published an article on the issue in The Conversation Canada.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Health care touches all of us and the social and economic impacts of changing our [transplant] system are real…

When you consider the comparison between an opt-in and opt-out system – both make assumptions about people’s wishes. The presumption that people don’t want to donate their organs preserves individual autonomy. But as popular opinion polls show, most Canadians support organ donation.


Typically, wait lists can be months to years. Annual treatment for something like dialysis is about $50,000. But the cost of a transplant is $15,000 and immunosuppressant drugs are about $5,000.

Listen to the full interview.