Predictions for our local media landscape in 2050

Robyn Burns
Prof. David Black discusses media as part of Fast Forward 2050 special.

As part of CBC All Points West's Fast Forward 2050 special, School of Communication and Culture Prof. David Black discusses what the local media landscape will look like in 35 years.

Among his predictions: radio has a bright future, elite media with a strong brand will thrive and we will see much more creativity at the grassroots level. 

"At the bottom, we're going to have all kinds of experimentation," he says. "At the top, the elite media will survive because of economies of scale, they're venturing out into new profit centres, newspapers are making videos, TV companies are writing text. But it's that middle tier (i.e. daily city newspapers) ... that's where things are falling apart."

Black and All Points West host Robyn Burns also discuss how reporting has changed. 

"Opinion leads today," Black says. "Opinion drives the emotions of audiences. It captures the eye. It allows news agencies to produce content on the cheap. I fear for the future of the fact in our emerging media environment." 

Listen to the full interview below.