Robin Cox: lessons from McClure fire inform Fort Mac response

Robin Cox: lessons from McClure Fire inform Fort Mac response

School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Robin Cox spoke with CBC News’ Amina Zafar May 9 about the way past disasters show how evacuees rebuild and recover.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Lessons from the McLure fire, such as the need for greater transparency to dispel rumours, have dramatically changed how emergencies are handled. Information is the No. 1 thing evacuees seek, and it's important to help them manage the uncertainty once they are safe, [Cox] said.

"It's normal in a situation like this to feel incredibly stressed, fearful, upset," Cox said. "It's also very common for the best part of humanity to come out. There will be a strong sense of community of caring and connection amongst those who've been evacuated and some people who are offering them help."

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